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Reviews for Omensent: Birth of a Dragon Lord

Refreshing Fantasy Novel, February 4, 2012 By Didacts & Narpets - See all my reviews This review is from: Omensent (Birth of a Dragon Lord) (Kindle Edition)

Barry Gibbons creates a refreshing perspective on the typical fantasy story. He brings new light to a genre that has seen its days of darkness. He creates characters that are imperfect by nature, which grow and shine as they battle and conquer personal fears and flaws. An enjoyable read with an inherent knowledge base of arcane lore.

Lucy Grayson's review Feb 10, 12

I initially read the sample of this book and was intrigued enough to buy the complete copy. Barry has created a world that is easy to get pulled into, is vividly described and very well presented. A must-read for fans of classic fantasy work.

Review by: isbosslady on Oct. 13, 2011 :

Enjoyed reading this book. The author made it easy to escape into this fantasy. I look forward to reading more from this author.


Posted November 28, 2011

This was a great read. This was a great book. It was funny, and easy to follow. I would recommend it to anyone who like fantasy/sci fi.



Posted October 20, 2011

Great book for sci/fi fantasy fans! I loved this book! I hope there's going to be a series!


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